Order Ahead

Want to reserve your favourite cookies or order something special?

Send us a message with the items and quantities you'd like to order.  We'll send a confirmation email with your total and instructions for an e-transfer.

Please place your orders by 7pm on Friday night for a Saturday pick-up.  If you haven't received a confirmation email by 10pm please call us on Saturday morning.

All confirmed prepaid orders will be on a separate table with your name on them.

Orders will be ready when the LAST item is prepared. (you can also pick up part of your order in advance if you let the Baker know.)

Pick Up

Saturday Schedule

8:30 Pie, Scones, Tarts, Muffins, Cookies
9:00 Baguettes and Cinnamon Bagels
9:30- Challah, Wholegrain Bread, Olive Bread, Raisin Bread


Thanks for your order!

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